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Table 1 Focus group discussion guide for community and court staff

From: Finding the loopholes: a cross-sectional qualitative study of systemic barriers to treatment access for women drug court participants

What problems do you think the DTC participants face accessing health care services?  
- How severe do you think those problems are?  
What about your coworkers? What do you know about their experiences with the DTC or similar participants?  
Could you describe your experiences with DTC or similar participants?  
Were you able to help your DTC or similar participants?  
If yes, how?  
If not, why?  
How many DTC or similar participants do you encounter in a day?  
What can we do to increase access of health service providers for the DTC participants?  
How often do you refer your DTC or similar participants to other health care services?  
What barriers do you think the DTC participants face when searching for health services?  
How should we address these barriers?  
What do you think can motivate women in DTC into searching and receiving health services?