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Table 2 Explicit Vulnerability (Vuln) Definitions (4). Presentation of articles with explicit definitions of vulnerability

From: Defining and assessing vulnerability within law enforcement and public health organisations: a scoping review

# Author/Name/Date Research Country Research Context Vuln Definitions Vuln Associated with
1 Damsere-Derry et al. (2017) Ghana Law Enforcement (criminal justice) and Public Health Vulnerable road users (VRU) are defined as those who are exposed to the risk of traffic accidents because they lack protective frames. They include pedestrians (over-speeding), cyclists and motorcyclists (failure to use helmet). Of the three groups, pedestrians have higher risks of injuries or deaths owing to an absence of any protective frame. Cyclists and motor cyclists are protected to some extent by their protective clothing and helmets. VRU differ from protected road users because they are sheltered by their vehicles and associated devices like airbags, child restraints and seat belts. Risk of death
2 McNeil & Small (2014) No specific country - Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis. LE (safer environments interventions); PH Vulnerable groups defined and identified as injection drug users. Vulnerability seemed to be used as a synonym for susceptible For example, "vulnerability to health harms..." (p.151), and "to drug-related harms" (p.152). Social and physical risk environments including contextual factors like social, environmental and structural factors.
3 Whitelock (2009) UK PH (mental health) A 'vulnerable adult' is defined as a person ‘who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care of himself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation’ (Department of Health, 2000, pgs. 8 & 9). Vulnerable adult identified as those with mental health challenges at risk of abuse within mental health wards and their communities Feeling at risk of abuse, level of risk, experience of abuse, breakdown,
4 Wilson (2016) Australia LE (criminal justice - police, court services); PH (social care) Vulnerability defined based on age, adaptive behaviour, IQ, inappropriate agreement to irrational requests (Nettlebeck & Wilson, 2002). Weakness and helplessness