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Table 4 Models for Assessing Vulnerability (Vuln) - Public Health Perspective. Presentation of articles containing models for assessing vulnerability from a Public Health perspective

From: Defining and assessing vulnerability within law enforcement and public health organisations: a scoping review

# Author/Name/Date Research Country Research Context Model(s) for Vuln Assessment Vuln Associated with
1 Amiral et al. (2004) East Timore (Post-emergency phase within post-conflict and post-war, low-income developing countries) PH - Mental Health The PRADET (Psychosocial recovery and Development in East Timor) was established to assess social vulnerabilities in mental health patients within post-emergency, post-conflict and post-war East Timore. Mental disturbances and social risk
2 Knight et al. (2014) US - San Francisco PH - Mental Health Rhodes et al.'s (2005, 2012) framework of socio-structural vulnerability (p.8). The authors have adapted the framework to assesses how single room occupancy hotels affect the mental health of women in their capacity as "mental health risk environments" Risk environment
3 Thorpe et al. (2011) US - Wisconsin PH- Healthcare Access Use of self-report to assess vulnerable elderly people with mental health issues or functional disabilities. Self-report was administered by doctors who asked questions that enabled them identify conditions related to mental health issues. The Health Utilities Index Mark III is used to assess functional health disabilities. Dichotomous variables signifying the existence of reported limitations regarding cognition, dexterity, hearing, speech, ambulation and pain were created by the authors. Access to healthcare
4 Ward et al. (2006) South Africa PH - Prehospital emergency and associated mental health outcomes Exposure to critical incidents assessed by the authors using f, which is a 22-point scale. The Revised Impact of Event Scale was used after the CII to assess post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Critical incident disorder and PTSD
5 Whitelock (2009) UK PH - Mental Health Vulnerability assess based on the vulnerability definition provided in the No Secrets Guidance of the Department of Health which considers people's identity, diagnosis, personal characteristics or service eligibility. Feeling at risk of abuse, level of risk, experience of abuse, breakdown,