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Table 6 LEPH Conflicting Priorities on Vulnerability (Vuln) Issues. Presentation of articles evidencing conflicting priorities across LEPH as regards vulnerability

From: Defining and assessing vulnerability within law enforcement and public health organisations: a scoping review

# Law Enforcement References Public Health References
1 Criminal Justice Frye and Dawe (2008); Saddichha et al. (2014); Pinedo et al. (2017); Gaitan & Shen (2018); Hyatt & Han (2018) Physical Health (HIV) Simic & Rhodes (2009); Syvertsen et al. (2014); Forbes (2015)
2 Hostage Taking Ludwig-Barron et al. (2015) Mental Health Amiral et al. (2004); Ward et al. (2006); Whitelock (2009); Knight et al. (2014)
3 Intimate Partner Violence Ludwig-Barron et al. (2015) Paramedics/ Pre-hospital Emergency Ward et al. (2006)
4 Racial Profiling and Traffic Stop Risk Miller (2009) Healthcare Access Thorpe et al. (2011)