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Table 7 Vulnerability-related issues at the Intersect of LEPH. Presentation of articles discussing vulnerability-related issues at the intersct of LEPH organisations

From: Defining and assessing vulnerability within law enforcement and public health organisations: a scoping review

# Law Enforcement & Public Health References
1 Arrest, incarceration, forensic, community treatment, psychiatric hospitalization Beach et al. (2013)
2 Policy and public health Boeri et al (2009)
3 Criminal justice and paramedics Borschmann et al. (2017)
4 Counter-terrorism, homeland security, mental health Cohen (2016)
5 Traffic injury prevention Damsere-Derry et al. (2017)
6 Criminal justice and mental health Ferrazzi & Krupa (2016)
7 Correctional setting and physical health (HIV) Frisman et al (2008)
8 Correctional setting and mental health (dementia and cognitive impairment) Gaston (2018)
9 Criminal justice, public health systems and clinicians Glynn et al (2014)
10 Parole, probation and drug addictive behaviours Hall et al (2016)
11 Inequitable sentencing, impact of drug war on HIV vulnerability Kerr and Jackson (2016)
12 Safer environments and drug users McNeil & Small (2014)
13 Crime and mental health Morrall et al (2010)
14 Policing practices and drug injecting deported migrants Pinedo et al. (2017)
15 Incarceration, substance abuse and mental health Saddichha et al. (2014)
16 Violence, abuse, learning disabilities Olszowski & Boaden et al (2010)
18 Incarceration and mental health Slade et al. (2016)
19 Incarcerated rural women, mental health, HIV Staton-Tindall et al (2015)
20 Police contact, police custody, mental health (cognitive disability) Trofimovs & Dowse (2014)
21 Victimisation, court services and social care Wilson (2016)
22 Learning Disability and risk of criminality Allen (2007)