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Table 8 CINAHL/MEDLINE/PsychINFO Search strategy - August 2018

From: Defining and assessing vulnerability within law enforcement and public health organisations: a scoping review

# Query Results
(N Papers)
1 AB law enforcement OR AB police OR AB policing OR AB criminal justice 57,862
2 AB public health OR AB mental health OR AB disparity 650,689
3 AB social determinants of health OR AB socioeconomic factors OR AB social inequality OR AB inequality 72,184
4 AB adult protective services OR AB adult protection OR AB incapacity OR AB learning disability OR AB learning disorder 38,771
5 S2 OR S3 OR S4 743,471
6 AB vulnerab* OR AB access 583,379
7 AB risk* OR AB at risk 2,526,889
8 S1 AND S5 AND S6 AND S7 29