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Table 5 Perceptions of problems with healthcare in correctional facilities

From: “Service with open arms”: enhancing community healthcare experiences for individuals with a history of incarceration

 Illustrative Quote
Lack of adequate treatmentMy leg started to swell up, pus was leaking, they kept me there for an additional 4 more days ‘til the infection spread throughout my whole leg…How do you not send somebody back to the hospital when you see their leg like that?
Delayed careCause like I say, it could take months in the house of corrections to get seen.
Uncaring demeanorIt’s like they don’t care, you know, whether you die in there or not.
It’s like production to them, instead of quality.
Wrong medications givenThey actually gave this guy the wrong medication ‘cause they didn’t really look at the computer and see what he had. The guy went into a seizure and a coma.
MisdiagnosisI mean, you could have a heart problem they’ll tell you you have the flu and later on down the line you find out something else is wrong.
Treatment lacking until emergentBefore they really even take actions, full actions, you got to pass out or, you know it shouldn’t have to get to that point.