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Table 3 Ineligibility for ROAR Pilot Project (First 7 Months Recruitment)

From: Reducing overdose after release from incarceration (ROAR): study protocol for an intervention to reduce risk of fatal and non-fatal opioid overdose among women after release from prison

Reasons ineligible for pre-screening, post administrative record review (multiple response) 32
Detainers 14
Mental Health 10
Medical Concerns 6
Refused prior to being presented with information sheet 5
Special Housing 2
Change in Release Date 1
Reasons Ineligible for Consent/Baseline, post Screening Interview (multiple response) 79
Does not meet DSM-5 criteria for moderate to severe opioid use disorder 68
Not interested in obtaining treatment to cut back or quit opioid use or to prevent using opioids when released 68
Would not consider medication-based treatment for opioid use disorder 36
Not willing to take at least one evidence-based measure to avoid becoming pregnant 11
Chronic pain that requires ongoing treatment with opioid pain medicine 7
Release outside of target counties 5
Disqualified by prison health services 2
Planning on conceiving in the coming months 1