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Table 4 Adjusted odds ratios (AORs) for current low mental wellbeing (MWB; Scores ≤19.59)

From: Adverse childhood experiences: a retrospective study to understand their associations with lifetime mental health diagnosis, self-harm or suicide attempt, and current low mental wellbeing in a male Welsh prison population

 Demographics and ACE count onlyIncluding historical mental health measures
 Model 1  Model 2 
Age group (years)
 40+Ref 0.446Ref 0.635
 No qualifications2.440.91–6.560.0782.480.90–6.860.080
 Secondary school1.710.64–4.590.2841.620.59–4.470.348
 College/6th form1.290.46–3.600.6241.220.43–3.500.708
 Higher educationRef 0.930Ref 0.071
ACE count
 0Ref < 0.001Ref 0.033
 ≥ 44.352.08–9.08< 0.0012.751.27–5.980.010
Lifetime mental illness diagnosis   2.211.33–3.650.002
Lifetime self-harm   1.630.91–2.950.104
Lifetime suicide attempt   1.220.68–2.220.506
  1. Model 1 includes demographics and ACE count, model 2 includes demographics, ACE count, lifetime mental illness, self-harm or suicide attempt. Reference category for ethnicity = other; ACE Adverse childhood experience, Ref Reference category