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Table 1 MARI participant eligibility criteria

From: Pre-arrest diversion to addiction treatment by law enforcement: protocol for the community-level policing initiative to reduce addiction-related harm, including crime

Inclusion criteria (all need to be met) Exclusion criteria (none can be met)
• Individual is 18 years old or older;
• Individual has ties to Madison or Dane County, WI (i.e., able to participate in the MARI program);
• Offense was committed in the jurisdiction of, and handled by MPD, and associated with charges planned to be pressed by MPD;
• Offense is non-violent and without a threat of violence;
• Offense is drug use-related (crime related to alcohol use only is not eligible);
• Offense falls into the category of “eligible” ones:
o possession of narcotics / drugs or drug paraphernalia (for personal use, not for dealing), prostitution, retail theft, theft from auto without property damage, or burglary / theft from family members who are agreeable to not be pressing charges, or drug overdose
• Presence of valid arrest warrant enforceable in Dane County;
• Being on bail for domestic charges or for offenses, which are not MARI eligible;
• Being on probation or parole;
• Presence of violent felony conviction within the past 3 years;
• Being a registered sex offender;
• Being deemed as presenting danger to the program staff;
• Prior engagement in the MARI program (i.e., completion of the clinical assessment)