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Table 1 Population, Context, Phenomena of Interest, Study Design and Time Frame

From: The needs and experiences of mothers while in prison and post-release: a rapid review and thematic synthesis

Criteria Description Search terms
Population Mothers Mother* Gestat* Parent* Matern* Wom?n* Child* Bab* Famil* Pregnan*
Context In prison or those who have been released from prison in Australia Prison* Custody Detention Crim* Correction* Incarcerat* Inmate Jail Offen* Imprison* Gaol
Post-release Throughcare
Limits: Australia English language
Phenomena of interest Needs
Experiences with the statutory systems
Needs Hous* Health* Welfare Child protection Community Services Centrelink Out-of-home care Experience* Support Statutory system State Government Justice and Community Services
Re-offending Recidivism Re-conviction Repeat offending Re-imprisonment
Study design Qualitative and quantitative empirical studies None
Time frame Published from 2005 until end of August 2020 Limit: >‚ÄČ2004