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Table 1 Overview of sites and data collected

From: Impacts of COVID-19 at the intersection of substance use disorder treatment and criminal justice systems: findings from three states

Site Data collection time Justice system staff (n) Jail staff (n) MSUD/OUD provider (n) Method of sampling Topics addressed
Illinois June 2020 0 2 3 Recruited from justice & service providers project partners Challenges, responses/adaptations, and successes related to serving people who are justice-involved and have OUD
Indiana April–September 2020 6 0 13 Recruited from list of individuals familiar with the research project supplied by juvenile justice administrators Justice and treatment system response to the pandemic, impact on usual practices, including challenges, adaptations, &and successes to serving youth involved in juvenile justice and seeking treatment for substance use.
Kentucky June–July 2020 6 3 5 Recruited from justice & service provider project partners Impact of COVID-19 on usual practices, use of telehealth, unique challenges, needed adaptations, & and successes in serving justice-involved women with a history of opioid use.