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Table 7 Programming, recreation, and privilege policies

From: Policy and public communication methods among U.S. state prisons during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

Policy Description Frequency Policy Type Policy Form Who Policy Primarily Affects
N % DOC-specific Public health Expand access Reduce access Resident Staff System
Programming restricted in some way 48 96% X    X X   
Work release jobs limited 16 32% X    X X   
Expanded privileges (e.g., more snack line time) 11 22% X   X   X   
Reduced privileges (e.g., day passes, furloughs) 9 18% X    X X   
Recreation/yard time increased 4 8% X   X   X   
Recreation/yard time decreased 4 8% X    X X   
Recreation/yard time suspended 2 4% X    X X   
% of policies monitored of total in category    100% 0% 28.6% 71.4% 100% 0% 0%