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Table 1 Sample characteristics

From: Barriers to medications for opioid use disorder in the court system: provider availability, provider “trustworthiness,” and cost

Court Type Percentage
Criminal Problem-Solving Courts 58.9%
 Adult Drug Court 35.8%
 Veterans Court 9.3%
 Juvenile Drug Court 4.0%
 DUI Court 0.7%
 Other criminal problem-solving court 9.3%
Civil Courts 35.8%
 General Dependency Court 22.5%
 Early Childhood Court 6.6%
 Family Dependency Drug Court 2.6%
 Other civil court 4.0%
Other court type 5.3%
Court Role
 Court case manager 11.3%
 Court administrator 27.8%
 Judge 41.1%
 Other role 19.8%
Other Characteristics
 Female 74.7%
 Urban or mostly urban area 67.5%
Observations 151