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Table 6 Mental Health Identification and Diagnoses

From: Interventions for drug-using offenders with co-occurring mental health problems: a systematic review and economic appraisal

Study, year Criteria used for diagnoses Description of mental health problem
Cosden et al. 2003 Determined by a psychiatrist/psychologist on the basis of a clinical interview and observations Mood disorder
Bipolar disorder
Dual diagnosis
Johnson and Zlotnick 2012 Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
Median duration of index episode in months
Number of depressive episodes
Number of previous suicide attempts
DSM-IV Axis I disorders using the SCID-I/II.
Criteria for a major depressive disorder at least 4 weeks after substance abuse treatment
Minimum score of 18 on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.
Lanza and Gonzalez-Menendez 2013 DSM-IV
Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview
Anxiety Sensitivity Index
Mental health disorders
Antisocial personality disorder
Major depressive disorder
Generalised anxiety disorder
Sacks et al. 2004 DIS Diagnoses of lifetime Axis I or Axis II mental disorder
Antisocial personality disorder
Sacks et al. 2008 Global Severity Index
Beck Depression Inventory
Lifetime of mental health
PTSD Symptom Scale - Interview Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale
Lifetime of mental health
Sacks et al. 2011 DSM-IV diagnostic criteria
Beck Depression Inventory
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptom Scale
Brief Symptom Inventory
Global Severity Index
Psychological distress
Stein et al. 2011 CES-D Scale Scores >16 indicate presence of significant depression. 69.8 % had
significant depressive symptoms
Wexler et al. 1999;
Prendergast et al. 2003; Prendergast et al. 2004
Not specified Antisocial personality disorder
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder