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Table 2 Barriers and Facilitators of MCAT Implementation

From: Barriers and facilitators to implementing an urban co-responding police-mental health team

Barriers Description
Policies and Procedures A lack of clear policies and procedures led to confusion and inconsistency among MCAT units.
External Coordination MCAT stakeholders fell short of successfully coordinating with outside agencies service the same population.
Treatment Resources A lack of local treatment facilities complicated diversion into treatment.
Role Conflict and Stigma Some MCAT members struggled transitioning into their new roles on a collaborative, mental health-focused team.
  Oversight of day-to-day MCAT implementation and operation – supervisor of MCAT IEMS personnel
 Initial Citywide Collaboration and Buy In MCAT implementation was bolstered by multiple city agencies who collaborated closely to develop the program.
 Information Sharing Triangulation of MCAT consumer information was integral to the program’s operations.
 Team Building Team building exercises during initial training laid a solid foundation for three person teams going forward.