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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of corrections officers who participated in the survey and interviews

From: Corrections officers’ knowledge and perspectives of maternal and child health policies and programs for pregnant women in prison

 Survey participants (n = 38)Interview participants (n = 8)
 18 to 34 years old47.325.0
 35 to 44 years old21.125.0
 45 to 54 years old26.337.5
 55 years and older5.312.5
 American Indian or Alaska Native00
 Black or African American2.612.5
 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander00
 Hispanic or Latino/a00
 Non-Hispanic or Latino/a100100
Highest level of education completed
 High school or GED18.425.0
 Associate’s degree23.725.0
 Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate or other professional degree (e.g. MD, JD)57.950.0
Parent or caregiver
 Parent or caregiver to one or more children, including step-children or foster children55.350.0
 Not a parent or caregiver44.750.0
Years worked as a corrections officer
  < 1 to 3 years28.912.5
 4 to 10 years23.725.0
 11 to 20 years31.650.0
  > 20 years15.812.5
  1. Notes: *One participant did not report their ethnicity. All percents reported are valid percents