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Table 1 Types of jobs that women had prior to incarceration

From: The health effects of gendered and devalued work: health outcomes of incarcerated women engaging in sex work and care/service work

Occupation N (%)
Regular sex worka 181 (42.5)
Other illicit workb 25 (5.9)
Care workc 76 (17.8)
Service workd 95 (22.3)
Administrative & labor worke 49 (11.5)
Total reported jobs 426 (100)
  1. Note: Job type
  2. aIncludes sex work occupation, regular sex exchange, prostitution, escort, or street walk
  3. bIncludes drug dealing, stealing, hustling, or panhandling
  4. c Includes childcare, sick or elderly care, medical assistant, or house cleaning
  5. dIncludes hair/beauty care, waitress, restaurant cook or dishwasher, bartending, cashier, or sales
  6. eIncludes factory, warehouse, administrative assistant, clerk/secretary, and construction work