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Table 3 Helpfulness Ratings of SHARE Treatment Elements

From: “I’m not alone, my story matters”: Incarcerated women’s perspectives on the impact and acceptability of group psychotherapy involving imaginal exposure to sexual assault memories

Rank Treatment Element Category M* SD
1 Being in a group of women who had also all experienced sexual assault or abuse Normalization facilitated by exposure 4.71 0.53
2 Feedback/Support from the group facilitators after you shared your story Exposure 4.68 0.71
3 Receiving information about the importance of sharing our stories about sexual assault (e.g., why it can be helpful to talk about your memories) Exposure 4.61 0.67
4 Hearing other people’s stories about their sexual assault experience(s) Exposure 4.59 0.65
4 Sharing your story about your sexual assault experience(s) Exposure 4.59 0.65
6 Feedback/Support from the group members after you shared your story Exposure 4.53 0.80
7 Receiving information about sexual violence, assault, and abuse. Psychoeducation 4.51 0.80
8 Discussing different topics related to sexual violence (e.g., trust, intimacy, how to talk to your children about sexual abuse, healthy/unhealthy relationship signs) Psychoeducation 4.49 0.77
9 Providing feedback/support to other group members after they shared their stories Exposure 4.48 0.82
10 Receiving information about PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other common mental health problems following sexual assault Psychoeducation 4.44 0.86
11 Coping techniques (e.g., grounding, breathing) Coping 4.41 0.83
  1. Note: Helpfulness ratings range from 1 (Not at all helpful) to 5 (Extremely helpful)