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Table 3 Prevention policies

From: Policy and public communication methods among U.S. state prisons during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

Policy Description Frequency Policy Type Policy Form Who Policy Primarily Affects
N % DOC-specific Public health Expand access Mandate change Resident Staff System
Staff masks provided by DOCa 46 92%   X X    X  
Resident masks provided by DOCa 46 92%   X X   X   
Increased facility cleaning 46 92%   X   X    X
Staff required to wear masksa 38 76%   X   X   X  
Extra cleaning products provided to residents at no cost 32 64%   X X   X   
Staff self-quarantine 14 days after positive 21 42%   X   X   X  
Residents must always wear masksa 21 24%   X   X X   
Residents have the option to wear masks but not requireda 21 42%   X X   X   
Staff have option to wear masks 17 34%   X X    X  
Sanitizer is available in limited locations 17 34%   X X     X
Sanitizer is made widely available 15 30%   X X     X
% of policies monitored of total in category    0% 100% 63.6% 36.4% 36.4% 36.4% 27.3%
  1. aNote: No policies were mutually exclusive and percentage values indicate whether a policy has ever been released. Thus, policies that may seem as though they should total to 100% (e.g., staff masking optional and staff masking required) will not. Policies changed over time and therefore prison systems could have had both policies in place at some point during the pandemic